Social Contribution Activities

Cosmetics workshops for co-op staff

We hold pre-launch workshops for co-op staff to give them a deeper understanding of our new products. We also arrange our factory tours so that the participants can directly see how our products are produced, and we provide insight into our new products along with general knowledge about cosmetics and specific sales methods. We also offer thorough support to help them gain a deeper understanding and thus sell our products to co-op members with a certain passion. In some regions, we hold makeup workshops to directly provide advice on skin care and makeup directly to co-op members.

Our experts demonstrate and provide tips on how to use cosmetics in various situations, including “eye makeup for going out” and “skin care and makeup for graduation/entrance ceremonies.” We also offer advice on special care and other things that customers want to know, taking the time to sincerely answer each question. By using our products in makeup workshops, customers can try our products they may have not used before. Meanwhile, we can obtain direct feedback from them. We continuously try to reflect such feedback in our product development.

  • Cosmetics workshops for co-op staff
  • Cosmetics workshops for co-op staff


Cosmetics workshops

We donated 722 bottles of “Dry Shampoo” (water-free shampoo) to Chuo Ward Social Welfare Council in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, in which our headquarters is located. They are donated to elderly nursing homes or nursing facilities through the Social Welfare Council. The “Dry Shampoo” is a cosmetic product which you can keep your hair feeling clean, even when taking a bath is not allowed due to illness, injury or the like, only by spraying onto your scalp, gently massaging and then wiping off with a towel.

Disaster relief activities

We support for relieving the victims and reconstructions in domestic disaster-hit areas, through contributions or financial support.

September 2014, Aid for the heavy rain hit areas in Hiroshima

In the big landslide caused by heavy rainfall in Hiroshima, which occurred in August 2014, we donated 10,000 pieces of sandbags through our business partners for supporting the disaster-hit areas.

March 2014, Aid for the victims of sediment disaster caused by Typhoon No. 26 in Izu-Oshima

As a support for Izu-Oshima suffered from massive damages by Typhoon No. 26 which occurred in October 2013, we donated 504 pieces of each “Squa Beauty Medicated Hand Cream” and “Squa Beauty Squalane Transparent Soap” for the Uru-uru Pack emergency relief items which is provided by the Keidanren’s 1% (one percent) Club. The relief items are accordingly delivered to the evacuees living in temporary houses, through the town-watching activities which are conducted by the Social Welfare Council.

  • hand cream
  • Squalane soap

Great EastJapan Earthquake support activities

With the slogan, “Cosmetics make people smile,” we have engaged in support activities to help those affected by the earthquake smile again.
We desire to heal both the skin and the mind of those affected.Our efforts will start with doing that which can be done.

  • Great EastJapan Earthquake support activities01
  • Great EastJapan Earthquake support activities02
  • Great EastJapan Earthquake support activities03
  • Great EastJapan Earthquake support activities04

Makeup and Hand Massage Volunteer Service (July 2014)

We visited the temporary housing in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, on July 8, and the temporary housing in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture on July 14. During these visits, we gave hand massage to the participants. We also provided opportunities to apply makeup for women and checked their skin conditions.We explained to them how to take care of skin and apply makeup in the beauty counseling session. We did makeup for individual participants at their request. They were satisfied with their beautiful finish. After the makeup session, some women said, ‘Because I put on makeup, I don’t like to go home and remove it.’ ‘Because a technician did my makeup, I would like to see my friends and hear what they thought about it. I decided to go out today.’
The participants liked hand massage and commented on it favorably. They said, ‘Hand massage improved the blood circulation.’ They also said, ‘Hand massage moisturized the skin.’We took the participants’ pictures and put them in handmade frames. The participants were pleased to receive these pictures.
Three years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Although the disaster victims appear to enjoy each other’s company, they occasionally talk about the difficulties they face in their daily lives. Through this experience, we recognized what an enormous influence the great earthquake had on them.

Makeup and Hand Massage Volunteer Service (November 2012)

We visited temporary houses in Sendai on November 2 and in Kesennuma on November 9 and provided makeup and hand massage services.During this visit, we heard stories from local people who took a step forward saying “I have started work again.” But, on the other hand, we realized harsh realities that the region was still far from reconstruction and the severity of problems caused by the disaster although a year and eight months have passed since its occurrence.
Like the last visit in March, we provided makeup and hand massage services. In the makeup service, we applied full-makeup on those who were interested in, took their pictures and gave them the pictures as a memorial on the spot. Participants in the service were good friends. They enjoyed this event together and spoke to each other with a smile saying such as “You are so pretty” and “You look different than before” after her makeup.

Comments from people in the affected area

I put on full-makeup for the first time in decades.I am very happy to Participa- te in the make-up service because there are few opportunities to receive such services in temporary houses.

All of precious items were swept away by tsunami. I immediately use what someone gives me. I am going to use the cosmetics that I received in a drawing.

Comments from the staffs who participated in the servie

Women were interested in if there were vacancies for the makeup service although the hand massage service was also well-received. I understood the importance of makeup in our volunteer activities firsthand.

A women who participated in the makeup and hand massage services said “I’m not going to wash my face and show my makeup to my sons who will visit me tomorrow.” I felt happy that was satisfied with makeup and that wanted to show her family how she looked beautiful.

It was striking for me that a woman over 80 bowed again and again saying “I have lived with support of all people around me.” I keenly felt that she has still had a hard time.

I realized that “makeup” not only makes people beautiful superficially but also prompts their cheerful smile and mind to build ties with others. I felt that makeup has a great power to encourage people to live positively.

Makeup and Hand Massage Volunteer Service (March, 2012)

We recently traveled to Miyagi and provided makeup and hand massage services at three different locations. This visit provided us with an opportunity to meet and hear the stories of many people from these communities, each of which had suffered varying degrees of damage during the disaster and was currently faced with its own difficulties.
The makeup service we provided featured spring-themed makeup for women, many of whom had refrained from applying makeup or dressing up in gorgeous attire following the earthquake. In the beginning a number of the women looked a little nervous and hesitant, but they soon began to flash smiles as they smoothed on the lotion, applied foundation, and put rouge on their cheeks and lips. The change we witnessed in their expressions affirmed our belief that makeup helps women solidify their “social confidence” and endows them with a “gentle and cheerful heart”.
When we refer to the “social confidence”, we are describing the confidence that naturally emerges when women wear makeup. This sense of confidence encourages them to go out and interact with others, and makes them eager to show their friends and loved ones how beautiful they look. On the other hand, having a “gentle and cheerful heart” describes the genuine delight all women rediscover when the makeup they apply helps to remove spots or blemishes from their skin. We have seen how makeup enables women to respond more kindly to others, as well as open up to people they have just met. The three days we spent in Miyagi showed us how we as a cosmetics company can contribute to the future. This visit also demonstrated that although the Tohoku region was devastated by the events of last year’s disaster, the people in the region have gotten back on their feet, emerging stronger and more invigorated.

Support activities

Help makeup and hand massage sessions at temporary housing sites and other locations in disaster-affected areas.


  • Kesennuma City

    March 14,2012 / November 9,2012

  • Ishimaki City

    March 15,2012 / March 28,2013

  • Sendai City

    November 2,2012 / July 8,2014

  • Natori City

    July 14,2014

  • Yamamoto-cho

    March 16,2012 / March 18,2013

Offer of a relief resource for disaster areas

We have responded to the large number of requests from people in disaster-affected areas to provide cosmetics by working through specified nonprofit corporations operating in these areas. In addition, we have also supported the “Relief Supplies Hot-Line” run by Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation).

8,411 bottles of skin lotion

Worked through our business partners to make donations to people living in temporary housing sites in disaster-affected areas(Miyagi and Fukuoka,August 1)

※We worked with and received the support of Chalon Cosmetics K.K.  and YOSHIDA GLASS CO., LTD. for this project.

237 pieces of cold insulator

Our business partners in the disaster-affected areas told us of the need for cold insulaters. We asked our officers to collect these insulators and donated them to our partners(late July).

Approximately 200 bottles of moisturizing oil

Consigned items to the specified nonprofit corporation NICE(Fukushima,April 7)

Donated through “Relief Supplies Hot-Line”(Fukushima and Iwate,Aplir 8)

Donated through “Relief Supplies Hot-Line”(Fukushima and Iwate,Aplir 8)

Approximately 120 bottles of body soap

Approximately 200 bottles of body soap – Worked through our bussiness partners to make donations to people in disaster-affected areas (Miyagi,March 25)