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President Yukio Matsuki

We have been engaged the plan development and sales business of cosmetics over 30 years.
We have offered basic skin care, makeup, and quasi-drug products to many customers.

Our basic policy is to plan and develop products from the viewpoint of customers, and to offer safe products that are impressive and appealing to customers of all ages. We desire all customers with skin worries to experience the joy and elation that comes with having beautiful skin. Our mission is to help our customers realize their dreams and hopes for beautiful skin through the products we create and deliver.

Although we have no production facilities, we have partnered with a number of excellent manufacturers. Through these partnerships we have conducted market research, product planning and development, quality assurance, distribution services and sales promotion, while all the time providing a consistent service from product development to sales. Looking ahead to the future, we aim to further improve the quality of our service and functions.

-Always With You, and Making You Shine -
-Always Your No.1-

With this slogan and our motto “Cosmetics make people smile”, all employees and officers will develop products which can satisfy customers, and offer them our sincere service. We will contribute our humble efforts in creating a better society

Yukio Matsuki