Our Advantage

Top-class Record in the CO-OP's Cosmetics Market

We started selling cosmetics to CO-OP in 1986. Then, we have expanded our market into the Japanese Consumer Co-operatives across the country and business federations of consumer co-operatives in Japan.  Today we hold the top-class record in the CO-OP’s cosmetic market.In order to respond to various requests from the CO-OP members, we have planned, proposed and sold more than 300 kinds of cosmetics for a year. We will strengthen the partnership with CO-OP in the county and make efforts to bring smiles to the members through cosmetics.

Marketing Ability to Capture the Needs of the Market Accurately

In order to capture the needs of the market, we conduct marketing activities including a market survey/analysis, and proposals of the products concept/strategy. By reflecting the results on products developments or sales measures, we make efforts to respond promptly to customers’ requests which are changing with times.In addition, we manage the call center for the CO-OP members using our products, and reflect their needs or requests on the development or improvement of products.

High Development Capability for Creating Long-Hit Products

We plan and develop the cosmetics containing the latest functional materials, having a high originality, or the cosmetics with high added value which possess more than one role, such as an all-in-one gel.We procure highly safe materials, work together with the manufacturers (OEM) having high technical skills, and develop products in accordance with our own strict standards in order to offer the cosmetics which everyone can keep using safely and securely as well as the products with reliable effects and efficacy as cosmetics.We aim to develop the cosmetic products which customers can keep using even 5 or 10 years from now.

Global Business Development as a General Trading Company Group Member

We have developed the global business at home and overseas.Domestically, we have developed products, have provided them with the market for general distributions as well as the market for CO-OP, and have expanded into the markets for various channels. Internationally, we started selling cosmetics for South East Asian markets and will further expand the operations.